Group Profile

Founded in 1998, Tumyu Group has experienced outstanding growth and development over the past 20 years while adhering to the Confucian philosophy of “people being the dearest species in nature” and the Taoist wisdom of “Being complementing Non-being, and difficulty complementing ease”. Up to now, Tumyu has extraordinary accomplishments in its investment in the domains of education, cultural tourism, aviation, Internet, finance, property development and equity investment, making itself a cross-sectoral, multi-industrial and comprehensive company of its own brand name, enjoying a good reputation in business.

Tumyu is well known for its successful operation of capital and has made equity investments in quite a few public companies. In the domain of education, it has invested in Hong Kong Tumyu Education Shareholding Co., Beijng Tumyu Educational Research Institute, Beijing Tumyu Educational Consultancy Co. Ltd., Beijing Jiayou Ernv Cultural Development Co. Ltd., Lesi Educational Investment Co. Ltd. (Beijing), etc. It has three universities, six high schools, and one international school with a total enrollment of 30,000 students, and was graded as one of the Top Ten Education Groups in 2008.

Tumyu places equal emphasis on both investment and management, while supplying all kinds of professional services for operation and management. It wishes to cooperate with celebrities of different business sectors to jointly build a bright future.

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